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Latest Updates

April 23, 2024

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 23, 2024) –Attorney General Gentner Drummond filed a brief today with the U.S. Supreme Court detailing why the execution of Oklahoma death row inmate Richard Glossip should be halted and his conviction remanded back to district court.

April 23, 2024

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 23, 2024) – Attorney General Gentner Drummond today praised state senators for passing House Bill 4156 allowing state law enforcement officers to arrest and incarcerate illegal immigrants as a means of helping combat Oklahoma’s numerous illegal marijuana grow operations.

Drummond had requested legislative leaders to craft the bill, which now makes its way to the governor’s desk.

April 23, 2024

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 23, 2024) – Attorney General Gentner Drummond issued the following statement today in response to the latest audit findings of State Auditor and Inspector Cindy Byrd:

“The audit findings released today show troubling and all too familiar patterns of mismanagement, costing taxpayers millions as a result. Today’s report confirms my previous order of an investigative audit of OMES, which is sorely needed and long overdue.