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Attorney General Hunter, Okla. County District Attorney David Prater Comment on Death Row Inmate Julius Jones Positive DNA Test Result on Red Bandanna

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Mike Hunter and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater today released the following statements on the DNA test result from a red bandanna that matches the DNA of death row inmate Julius Jones.

Earlier this year, Jones’s defense filed a motion with Oklahoma County District Court, asking the judge to have the bandanna tested for his DNA in an attempt to prove his innocence. The state agreed to the DNA testing and the bandanna was sent to a lab chosen by the defense.

At the 1999 trial, an eyewitness testified that the shooter was wearing a red bandanna. Authorities, who searched Jones’ parents’ home found the murder weapon wrapped in a red bandanna.

The conclusive results of the DNA profile show the probability of the DNA belonging to someone other than Jones is one in 110 million African Americans.

“Our responsibility as the attorneys for the state in the criminal appeals process is to follow the law with the overarching goal of always finding the truth in the appeals process,” Attorney General Hunter said. “The lab results, which indicate that Julius Jones’s DNA is present on the red bandanna, is an additional validation of the trial and appellate process in proving his guilt.

“I hope and pray this result gives the family members and loved ones of Paul Howell peace of mind. I also hope that through this process all Oklahomans who are victims of atrocious crimes know that my office will continue doing everything we can to ensure evil people who commit atrocious crimes will stay in prison.”

The attorney general’s office represents the state in the criminal appeals process to ensure decisions rendered by judges and juries are upheld. 

“Those defending the murderer have disseminated misinformation and lies regarding the trial and evidence in this case,” District Attorney Prater said. “We have never been afraid of the truth. The testing by the murderer’s own DNA lab corroborates the jury’s verdict and exonerates the investigators, prosecutors and jurors who the murderer’s defenders have slandered.

“The light of these results pierce the dark lies of the convicted murderer’s innocence.”

Howell was 45 at the time of his murder. He was an insurance executive, who left behind two young children.

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