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Unsolicited Commercial Email

Unsolicited Commercial Email or better known as "spam" or "junk email," has become a growing concern and nuisance to many consumers. An Oklahoma law passed in 2003 makes it illegal to send certain types of junk email. Although junk email can be frustrating, not all junk email qualifies as illegal under Oklahoma's law.

What qualifies as illegal unsolicited commercial email or junk email under Oklahoma law?

1.   Oklahoma’s law makes it illegal to send a junk email using:

- False transmission or routing information otherwise known as false header information

- False or misleading information in the subject line.

- A third party’s email address without permission

2.    Oklahoma’s law requires that all junk email be labeled as:

- "ADV:" within the first four characters of the subject line

- "ADV-ADULT:" within the first ten characters of the subject line for Junk email containing sexually explicit material, or advertising sexually explicit goods or services.

3.    Oklahoma’s law requires all junk email to provide a mechanism allowing recipients to easily and at no cost remove themselves from the sender’s electronic mail address list.

When should I file a complaint about a junk email?

- Contains false or misleading information in the subject line.

- Comes from a sender who has provided a false header

- Does not have “ADV:” as the first four characters in the subject line.

- Is sexually explicit and does not have “ADV-ADULT:” as the first ten characters in the subject line.

- Comes from a sender who does not provide a toll-free phone number or valid return email address for you to inform the sender to stop sending spam.

Instructions for filing a junk email complaint

   Unsolicited email is difficult to track. We need specific information. Fill out the online complaint form, then forward the unsolicited email to us with the full extended headers included. Below is an outline of the complaint process.

- Fill out the online complaint form.

- After submitting we will send you your complaint ID number and an email address

- Open the email you wish to forward and view the extended headers.

- Copy the extended header information and then click Forward to compose a new message. Paste the extended header information into the top of the new message, above the content that was received in the original message.

- Copy and Paste the provided email address and paste it in the "To" section of your new message.

- Copy and Paste the ID code into the beginning of the subject line. You can delete the rest of the subject information if you desire. The ID code must be the first 32 characters in the subject line.

- Now just send the message.

Click Here to File Junk Email Complaint Form

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What happens to your junk email complaint?

Junk email complaints filed with our office will be entered into our database for potential future enforcement action. Because of the enormous volume of "spam" complaints that we could receive, and the difficulty and time needed to track their origin, we do not forward consumer complaints to junk emailers. Similarly, we do not send email responses back to you other than the web-based confirmation number you’ll receive after filling out the form. Rather, we monitor our complaints for trends and potential investigations.

Thank you. We appreciate your efforts to provide this valuable information about illegal junk email.

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