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AG JRI Grant Update and Application

March 14, 2013

Update on Attorney General local law enforcement JRI grant:

As required by Title 74, Section 20k of the Oklahoma Statutes, the Attorney General has developed, and is implementing, a grant program for local law enforcement. This new grant program is available for local law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma to increase their capacity to respond to violent crime in their community. As provided for by the law, law enforcement agencies can utilize funds to reduce violent crime through priority strategies such as targeted staffing, increased technology, better analytical capability, enhanced community partnerships or victims services.

The application for the grant was posted on the Oklahoma Attorney General's website in January and we are currently accepting applications from local law enforcement agencies.

For FY 2013 the Oklahoma Legislature appropriated $2 million to the Attorney General for the grant program. Those funds are being received and will be fully appropriated in June 2013 (consistent with fiscal year funding). Once all the funds have been appropriated the Attorney General will begin awarding the grants to local law enforcement agencies. The anticipated date for the awards will be July 2013.

For FY 2014, Attorney General Scott Pruitt has submitted to the Oklahoma Legislature a budget request of an additional $4.2 million to increase the grant program. General Pruitt has personally met with House and Senate leadership and with budget leaders to make this request. General Pruitt remains committed to the implementation of the local law enforcement grant program and hopes that the Legislature will fund his request.

General Pruitt continues to travel the state personally meeting with members of the local law enforcement community. He is visiting with them about the challenges they are facing in their communities and potential strategies to reduce violent crime. He plans to use this information to even better target and implement the local law enforcement grant program.

Additionally General Pruitt is serving as host for a conference in Oklahoma City by the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) titled, "Attorneys General: Chief Law Enforcement Officers in a New Age of Public Safety." As Chair for the Midwest Region, General Pruitt was able to choose the focus of the conference. It is hoped that the conference will provide valuable information on "best practices" in crime prevention and other areas of public safety which can be presented and replicated in Oklahoma.

Melissa McLawhorn Houston
Chief of Staff
Assistant Attorney General
Oklahoma Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt

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