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Attorney General Pruitt Issues Consumer Alert on Records Service Targeting Oklahoma Businesses

OKLAHOMA CITY — Attorney General Scott Pruitt Tuesday issued a warning for Oklahoma consumers and business owners to beware of letters sent by a records service that claims to file government forms for a fee.

Consumers in several states have reported receiving a letter from a company called Corporate Records Service. The letter claims the company can complete an “Annual Minutes Records Form” for a $125 fee. The form often appears to come from the state’s secretary of state’s office.

The company claims the form is required and demands the recipients provide company and personal information, however, this form is not required in Oklahoma.

“Several state attorneys general have received complaints on this company, and now they appear to be targeting Oklahomans,” Pruitt said. “Consumers need to be cautious with such claims and report the letters to our Public Protection Unit.”

The Attorney General’s Public Protection Unit provides the following tips to avoid this type of scam:

· Be careful in responding to unsolicited communications from businesses with which you are unfamiliar. If you choose to respond, research the company before you provide any sensitive information;
· Contact the relevant state agency if you are unsure of the representations made by the business;
· Check to see if the business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

To report suspected fraud or scams, contact the AG’s Public Protection Unit at (405) 521-2029, (918) 581-2885 or PublicProtection@oag.ok.gov as well as local law enforcement. For more information about tips and resources, go online to http://oklahomacity.bbb.org.


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