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Certification of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault, Batterers Intervention Programs and Adult Victims of Sex Trafficking

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List of OAG Certified Programs

Certification Overview

Effective July 1, 2005, the duty of certifying domestic violence, sexual assault and batterers intervention programs was transferred to the of the Office of the Attorney General. [74 O.S., § § 18p et. seq.]

The purpose of certification is to assess a program's responsibility to the client, and delivery of acceptable services to the client. Responsibility to the client is demonstrated through the provision of suitable facilities, trained staff and needed services that are accessible, safe and confidential. In addition to the above is the demonstration of the willingness and ability of the governing authority and staff to provide the planning, budgeting and management of resources necessary to the continued existence and effectiveness of the programs/services.

Qualifications for certification are compliance with applicable standards and criteria set forth in Chapters 1, 15, 25 and 30 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code Title 75. Programs are certified for a period of three (3) years subject to renewal.

 An application for certification must be submitted to the Attorney General along with the required documentation and fee. If the application is deemed complete, a site review is scheduled. The program must be in compliance with at least 70% of the applicable standards to receive Conditional or Temporary Certification. A plan of correction is requested to address deficiencies found during the site review. A follow-up site review is scheduled to review implementation of the plan of correction and to ensure cited deficiencies have been corrected or to demonstrate continued correction. Certification is granted when a program has achieved 100% compliance with applicable standards.

Administrative Rules and Standards for Certified Programs

Current Rules

Review the current rules through Oklahoma's Online Administrative Code and Register, here

Program Certification Applications

The following applications are for all Domestic Violence, Batterer Intervention and Adult Human Sex Trafficking Programs.