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Drummond announces new initiative to protect consumers, hold airlines accountable

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 16, 2024) – Attorney General Drummond announced a new initiative today that gives him the authority to investigate consumer complaints about the actions of airline carriers and ticket agents.

While such investigations historically are the sole purview of the federal government, AG Drummond recognized the need for additional consumer protection efforts and recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to review and resolve consumer complaints against airlines and ticket agents. The agreement streamlines how the Office of the Attorney General and DOT will work together to review complaints and identify violations of federal aviation consumer protection requirements.

Drummond noted he is taking this action amid elevated levels of complaints about flight disruptions, lack of refunds, and lost or delayed baggage.

“I am unwavering in my commitment protecting the rights of air travelers and holding accountable any airline that is found to have engaged in deceptive or prohibited conduct,” he said. “The people of Oklahoma should know that your complaints will not fall on the deaf ears of a sprawling federal government. I am personally committed to ensuring all airline passengers are treated fairly and in full compliance with the law.”

The MOU will last for two years. Oklahoma and the DOT may agree to extend it at two-year intervals after the agreement ends.

Prior to establishing the recent MOU, Drummond has urged the federal government to strengthen protections for airline passengers and asked Congress to authorize state attorneys general enforcement of federal consumer protection laws governing the airline industry. 

“Air travel is fundamental to the lives of many Americans and the American economy,” states the MOU. “More than 939 million passengers traveled by air in the United States this past year. Customers booking airline tickets deserve to be treated fairly, to know exactly what they are buying, and to get what they pay for under the law.”