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Attorney General Drummond comments on Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals granting request for more time between executions

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 24, 2023) – Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond made the following remarks today after the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals granted his request to extend the amount of time between upcoming executions in the state.

“I am grateful for the Court’s ruling,” Drummond said. “This decision will help maintain confidence in our protocol in this solemn and important process. The dedicated individuals of the Department of Corrections will continue their rigorous training and preparations for upcoming executions. As I have stated before, this was not a request I took lightly. Victims’ families have waited many years to see that justice is done, and I am thankful for their understanding.”

Drummond filed the motion to extend the time between executions after personally attending the Jan. 12 execution of Scott James Eizember as well as after visiting with DOC personnel and family members of the victims of inmates currently on death row.

The ruling pushes back by 60 days executions scheduled for seven inmates.

The decision can be read at