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AG Pruitt Comments on Court Decision Upholding Workers’ Compensation Law

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt Monday commented on the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the state’s new workers’ compensation law. The Attorney General’s Office successfully defended the law against a challenge that said the law was unconstitutional because it violated the “single subject” rule and other provisions of the state constitution.

“The decision by the court is a victory for the reform of workers’ compensation in Oklahoma and those who desired to see our antiquated system changed,” Attorney General Pruitt said. “I am thankful that our office was able to play a significant part in upholding the changes made by the Legislature by successfully defending the constitutionality of the law. Our attorneys worked diligently and professionally, both in the briefing and oral argument of the case. I am proud of their collective effort, and most thankful for the outcome of the case.”

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